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       Here at Seventh Seal Tattoo, we are a family who values and treats all of our clientele with the same values, respect and courtesy we give to each other.  Our goal is to make your visit with us a memorable one.  There are a lot of tattoo shops out there and we want to stand out to you in every way, from our customer service to the tattoos we do for you.  Please keep in mind we are very busy  tattoo shop and we are "by appointment only".  We do tattoos, body piercings, are an art gallery and have tons of merchandise.  All at the highest quality we can provide. We house the areas largest collection of artists with almost 100 years combined experience. All or most of our artists are published, award winning & internationally sponsored artists by Turanium Tattoo Machines. Our shop was voted in the Readers Choice awards with 'Best of Bay' four  years in a row, 2017 and 2018, 2019, 2020 as well as Best of Bay tattoo artists twice. 


       We were founded in January of 2016 by renowned artist Jerry Pipkins who made his reputation in realism and traveling the convention circuit. Jerry has been backed by many sponsors nationally and internationally over the years and still is to this day. Along with being a sponsored artist he has also been published in multiple magazines around the world and also has obtained multiple awards and trophies. Jerry founded Seventh Seal after of leaving a previous partnership that had gone sour. Jerry opened Seventh Seal six months later with some of the best people and artists a friend could ever hope for, and those people became his family. Most still are his family today. His ultimate goal is to open a few more locations and venture off into other investments. Jerry is currently retired from tattooing and only tattoos current customers on projects started over the past few years. 


       We had two locations but due to Hurricane Michael "October 10th 2018" we were forced into closing our Parker location.. Our current location is at 921 Jenks Avenue in downtown Panama City Florida. Hopefully soon everyone will see more locations scattered all over Gulf Coast areas and maybe up into lower Alabama and lower Mississippi., once we recover from the devastation left by hurricane Michael.


         You may be wanting to speak with one of our artists or you may want to book an appointment with one. We prefer you use our online forms because it is extremely difficult for one of our desk clerks to try and price a tattoo online. The form submissions are forwarded to the artist who can more easily give you pricing and describe to you the process to get tattooed here. To book an appointment or just to speak with an artist, use the menu above and click "Make an Appointment". You use the same form for both. We receive hundreds of form submissions, emails, and messages monthly "almost weekly" and often we lose touch or the message gets lost. So please be patient with us and send us another message or call us at 850-481-0463. Also, being as we get so many requests for us to do tattoos, we cannot tattoo everyone or get to everyone. Sometimes we have to just say no and not take on tattoo customers, we do apologize. 


       Our whole crew is a combination of tattoo artists, body piercers, cosmetic technicians, front desk reception and management. Our tattoo artists have a combined experience of almost 80 years! More than any other shop in the area and collectively as a whole crew with experience in the tattoo industry over 100 years combined experience. Collectively we are family and you see that when you visit us. Our artists are nationally published artists and there are mutable award winners throughout. Our tattoo shop, the artists; are all sponsored by Turnaiam tattoo machines. We are the only sponsored shop in the area. Our artists all specialize in specific designs and styles but are all well rounded artists as well. Whether you want realism, semi realism, art nouveau, traditional, neotraditional, trash polka, water color or new school. Our artists can handle and excel at your tattoo desires. Our artists strive for perfection and are professional in the whole process from the consultations to emails and to the tattoo you receive from them. Our body piercer is one of the most renowned, experienced body piercers in the panhandle and he focuses on professionalism in every step of the process. Our cosmetic technicians are currently only doing microblading, microshading, scar repair and hiding as well as nipple reconstruction. Let us know what we can do for you. let us make you family.


We are a walk in friendly tattoo shop but because all of our artists stay really busy we stay booked up most of the time. We cannot guarantee that we will have a artist available if you walk in. We highly recommend making an appointment for the best chance of getting tattooed. Our process for doing this is really easy. First you will need to fill our our online form. This form is designed to get important information we need to understand what it is you are wanting for a tattoo. The form only takes from 10 minutes to maybe 20 to complete. Once we receive that form, reception will go through your answers and determine if you can be booked for an in person free consultation. If you can, reception will do that. If you are from out of town, she will ask you a few more questions and then forward that information to the appropriate artist. That artists will then communicated with you. Once all of the consulting is done, you will be asked to pay a

non-refundable deposit. The artist or reception will either ask you to come to our website to do the deposit online or to call in and do it over the phone. If you came in for a in person consultation you will most likely pay the deposit there at the cash register. From that point you will just need to show up for your appointments. If you do not show, are more than 30 minutes late or cancel too late (72hrs); you will loose your deposit. We are strict on this because it is unfair to us to waste our time in such a manner. Use the menu on this website to use our form or to pay a deposit. We have a more detailed version of our process here on our website. Click here....


We are open seven days a week from 12 noon to 8 pm. Some of our artists do tattoo earlier in the morning or past closing. If you have an appointment that is earlier or later than or opening time, it is not a mistake. Also we do not answer our phones outside of our operations times. If you need to reach out to someone outside of those times, contact that artist directly via email or their cell if you have their cell #. We focus most of our inquiries to our "make an appointment" form so we can reply to everyone as timely as we can. We do our best to reply to everyone within 72 hrs, however it can take up to two weeks. Things are this way because we receive upwards of 100 emails or inquiries a week. If we tattoo all day, getting to read and reply to that many emails is difficult and time consuming. Please be patient with us.

        For more information such as under 18 info, our policies and how to contact us and how to find us etc, please use the menu buttons above. Thank you for considering us for your tattoo or body piercing needs. We look forward to working with you.

Seventh Seal Tattoo Club, Often imitated, never duplicated. The best are always copied. ;-)

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