Thank you for your interest in the art within our gallery and by not only our artists but various artists in the area or abroad. Although we are a tattoo shop in essence we hope to one day be one of the leading Art galleries as well. This is our humble beginning. We will ad more art as time goes and hope you enjoy it as much as we do. To inquire about purchasing a piece or the prices, call 850-481-0463


We are excited to collaborate with local marine wildlife artist, Joyful Enriquez, and feature her work in our gallery space! You are invited to join us for the opening reception of her traveling art exhibit "A World Underwater". The evening will feature oil paintings depicting the beauty of color, light, and movement of life underwater. All work for sale. Light refreshments will be served and dress is party casual. Admittance is free. For more information call (850) 481-0463
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