We have revamped our setup and packages with the club membership and now its even more awesome than it was before. We hope that you see the benefits to joining the club and if you do not, no worries because we are still a tattoo shop and would love the opportunity to tattoo or pierce you. Just take a look around and we hope to see you soon.


SEVENTH SEAL TATTOO CLUB is by all means a tattoo shop and more! Not only can you come see us for that totally bad ass tattoo or body piercing but if you join the club, you can and will receive all kinds of  benefits no one else will have access to. Club members receive discounts on tattoos, body piercings, store merchandise and anything that we sell,  services or goods. But that is not where it ends! Members also get free tattoo and body piercing aftercare, free t-shirts and other free apparel, and other promotions, giveaways, VIP status and discounts through out the year. To top it all off..... one absolutely FREE tattoo each year for certain member tiers! Now that is freaking bad ass.

          If you are wanting to join the club, All you have to do is sign up. All Florida, State and Federal laws apply to your membership and the services and or merchandise we provide. It is up to you to make sure you are being completely legal. To join, click the buy button below corresponding to the payment type to pay your first set of club dues.

         When you join, you will receive in the mail A MEMBERSHIP CARD that only you can use, Your free T-shirts and a welcoming package. THERE ARE 9 LEVELS.  Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Extreme, Extreme Plus and Rockstar. Each one has different benefits and the return gets better as you go up in membership.


The only thing that applies to all levels is you cannot get the free tattoos & guest discounts until the 6th month of membership and every six months thereafter. All other benefits start immediately.

Click Here for all the details on each membership level or tier.


Membership details on each membership level. You are responsible to read these details

and understand them. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 850-481-0463


1. no limit refers to body part locations and size of tattoo.


2. Free tattoos are limited to the club member only and can only be collected once 10 months of payments has been made in that tier. However the RockStar membership can be collected in 6 months.


3. The discounts are limited to a monthly purchase amount.

4. Discounts for your guests are limited to a monthly purchase amount.

5. All shop events will be announced via email, along with rsvp information.

6. No deposit required to book with any artist at any location, even guest artists!

     *No call/ no shows to such appointments will result in deposits being required for any future appointments.

7. Along with all current discounts and hook ups, you will also receive one entry to each contest or giveaway we engage.

8.VIP status gets you special attention and treatment when in one of our shops. 

9. Premium VIP status like VIP status but with being treated like a rockstar god too! You will not only be treated like a god but you get to skip in line with appointments and events.

10. The first call list is a list of clients on standby for the first available opens when others cancel or no show. We go through that list to see if anyone wants that spots others didn't show for.

11. Top of the first call list will be everyone who is a Rockstar member. You are the first people we contact.

12. House credit is we will extend a line of credit to you so that you can get tattooed in between paychecks or when you forget your wallet. Just be sure to pay that each month. The credit payment is due in full on the 1st of the following month. A 10% per month late fee if late past the first of the month. If you fail to pay your credit, all memberships and tattooing will stop and you will not be allowed to get tattooed until that is paid in full plus the late fees.

13. Lunch with one our artists is on us. When you are here getting tattooed and its time to eat, we got you. You can get what you want from the restaurant we are using and it is on us up to a $30 limit per meal.

14. Sometimes we go to tattoo conventions. When we do, you can go with us and share in the fun as long as it is in your member tier. For Extreme Plus and RockStar tiers.

15. Life members in Basic or Bronze memberships are reserved for Extreme Plus and RockStar members. The life term limit is 20 years and is non nontransferable.

16. Guest artist first pick for Rock Star members is you and only you get to choose any guest artist and you get picked first over all other applicants. As long as the guest artist is comfortable with the style or design you want.

17. After hours tattoo request is reserved for RcokStar members only and it gives you the option to get tattooed one on one with our artists when we are not open in a more private setting. However still limited to the hours of  9am and 12 midnight. Not on Tuesdays.

18. For our artists that are booked out months to years at a time, you will be added to a priority list if the artist of your choice has a cancellation or open availability. Subject to tier qualification and membership.

19. Emails will be sent any time we have new products, including after care and apparel or events.

20. Tattoo taxi "Shuttle Services" will pick you up anywhere up to 70 miles away from the location of your appointment and shuttle you back, fo free! Fo Real! Fo Sho!

Limited to Extreme, Extreme Plus and RockStar memberships.

By clicking a membership level or tier you agree to and understand all that is written on this site, page and withing the club separate levels and tiers. By signing up for a membership you agree to all that is written and that this constitutes a contract. By canceling any services will result in no benefits under any membership and no refunds and you understand and agree to this.