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Scavenger Hunt

Daily Clues/riddles

This is our first annual scavenger hunt. This hunt includes prizes from us and from multiple sponsors across the area. The prize package is more than $4,000 worth of prizes. Below are the daily clues as they are posted.  The Hunt began Sunday, May the 12th. 05/12/19. The prize has not been found YET! It is never to late to start hunting.

Clue #1 05/12/2019

Directly north, distance unknown.

From the downtown marina,

that used to hold a Catalina.

Look to stop, a skip and a hop.

This is the law, roughly 8 to 15 feet tall.

Left and right is 4th, To and from is Harrison more. Take a picture to keep this clue, And all future riddles too.

Clue #2 05/13/2019

All north of the original riddle, Put the findings in one clue. The prize is waiting for you.

Today's you will find, its hard & in line.

Look near south side of 98 but close to Subway.Roughly 3 miles north of the marina bay. In a parking lot its sits, old, round, hard and there today.

Clue #3 05/14/2019

Don’t be confused, the riddles just point. To an object seen by you. To take a picture of, is the clue. The clues add up. So you can see. The bigger picture, To be a winner you might be. Today look further north. At a city line, for what it’s worth. This clue is the sign that welcomes you. From one city to the two. Near by there is learning too.
Welcome to “ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _” will be in front of you.

Clue #4 05/15/2019

Hopefully you are having fun, Don't get to hot in the sun. Continue North as you have been. When you find this clue, you will know when. Things are what they seem. It's as simple as a meme. Concrete as it maybe near a good ole Palm tree. It takes up some land, by the cities job to maintain the sand. Children play through the day, Concerts you do not pay.

Clue #5 05/16/2019

If you have not guessed by now, North of the first clue is a big how. It is a key clue to the bigger picture. Look now at the kitchen. Looking for what is found northbound But south of the last clue in that town. Today take a pic, of the colors of St. Nick. We eat here from time to time, a Louisiana kitchen find. The color is important, That is the reason for the rhyme.

Clue #6 05/17/2019

The main prize is due north. The last clue was to see the color looking for. Hidden under a just like clue #2. The prize is waiting for you. Just beyond a family place to have fun, On the right under the sun. 2 to 4 miles from clue #4, put all the clues together for more.

Clue #7 05/18/2019

You have made it far but the game isn't over yet. Standing on sand look across a reflection of the sky across the wet. All clues point to the same place, under concrete wins this race. A  clue #1 nearby and under the sky. Withing 1000 feet, look down low or up high.

Clue #8 05/19/2019

Still within the cities boundary, but almost to the next. Named after where corn is ground, the prize you will fetch. Look under concrete but under a rock.  You will need shoes and socks. Past a red sign, The prize you will find. Between the next city and a gate in mind.

Clue #9 05/20/2019

6 small trees in the middle & 15 feet to the west, If you find the prize, you're the best. This game is near an end, I hope you find the prize my friend. How do you cross vastness of water without a boat, not on the back of a goat! Think about this clue and all the others, this treasure is for you.

Clue #10 05/21/2019

Today's clue is simple yet true. Under 30lbs of stone too. Look At the last part of Lynn Haven on 77.

Clue #11 05/22/2019

North of the point of the Mill, South of Cashelmara still. West of them both but not far and be slow. East of  bay waters and under concrete. Look under 30 lbs of stone, Then you will find the treasures home.

Remember to go by a sponsor location to get a bonus clue.

Current locations for bonus clues.

1. Seventh Seal Tattoo Club

921 Jenks Ave.

Panama City, Fl