First we would like to thank you for thinking of us for your tattoo or body piercing needs. While Covid-19 remains a thing and a health concern, we do have rules or polices we would like everyone to follow. Below is our COVID-19 statement and those rules.






        We know times are tough and scary with the Covid-19 epidemic and all world issues from our economy to our health. We do our best to adhere to Federal guidelines and State laws. We clean vigorously with disinfectant agents and take all the necessary precautions to avoid us getting the virus; as well as doing our part to help prevent the spread of the virus. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we are “by appointment only” on services including consultations, tattoos & piercings; all services! We will not perform any services without an appointment. Our lobby is open for merchandise purchasing for items such as body jewelry and apparel.  Also, only individual artist can price tattoos. You will need to speak to an artist directly. You can do so by using our online form or calling to set up a free consultation. To book a consultation or appointment with an artist, please visit https://www.seventhsealtattoo.com/bookappointment and use our online form "Make an Appointment". You can also use the form on the Piercing section of our website to book an appointment for a piercing. 


Please allow 3-4 days for an artist to get back with you. Due to our busy schedule, sometimes it can take up took 3 weeks. 


To expedite the scheduling process, you can also call the shop at 850-481-0463 during business hours to book a consultation only. 


12pm to 8pm, 7 days a week. 




921 Jenks Ave., Panama City, FL. 32401


As per the COVID-19 epidemic, we have some policies to follow.

1. Absolutely no walk-ins! We are by appointment only anyways, and because of COVID-19, we are most definitely not going to tattoo any walk-ins at all. This includes body piercings.

2. Only one person allowed, bring no friends or family. If you come with multiple people "groups" Everyone must wait outside.

3. No children.

4. Everyone must wear a mask.

5. Everyone may get their temperature checked, if you have a fever higher than 99.0, you must leave our facility.

6. No one can join you to watch or accompany you while you get your tattoo or piercing.

 If you fail to follow these policies, you will be asked to leave our facility. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone including those who do not or cannot follow our policies. Thank you in advance for following our rules.

~Jerry Pipkins / Owner, Seventh Seal