Friday, 09/13/2019


      We have gotten numerous calls about Friday the 13th sales and/or deals. We do apologize but we will not be doing any kind of sale or special for Friday the 13th this year. We have done them in the past and that is partly the decision for this. Ever time a Friday the 13th nears, half of our artists and employees look forward to it and the other half hate it as an event. We have numerous reasons to not do these kind of events any longer and not doing any of them in the future at all is a possibility. Some of the reasons stem to past events where clients treating us terribly. There has been numerous times where clients give us absolute hell about how long it takes to get to them. Then when we do, they give us more lip and dont tip. How do you not tip a tattoo artists for busting his or her ass all day when the artist only makes like $7 on a $13 tattoo? Anyways, other reasons are that we are all really tired after hurricane Michael. We are spread thin with work and home life. We really dont have the energy to tattoo back to back tattoos and hundreds of clients all day. We decided that instead of these events, to allow the artists to do what ever they wanted for those days. To rest, relax or do a special tattoos. They can take time off, go to the beach, book appointments or go skydiving.  After all, We deserve to rest and relax if we need it. Don,t we? We do appreciate you all for visiting us for at these events in the past, for choosing us for your tattoo or body piercing needs and without you we would not even be here today. We hope you understand this decision and hope to see you from time to time, even if its just for a hug! :-) Thank you again for you patience and understanding.