Artist   Jerry Pipkins   

Tattoo styles:    Color Realism & Black and Grey Realism.

Experience:    Tattooing professionally for 9 years.

About me:    I have been tattooing  for  a total of 23 years,  professionally for the last 9 years.  I joined the Military when I was 18 and have been in many different fields of employment. I never really found my calling until I decided to be a professional tattoo artist. I have 4 beautiful children and everything I do is all about them and their futures.  My circle is small and I wouldn't have it any other way. I found myself in photo realistic tattooing. Challenge me with a full dynamic range realistic tattoo! Just saying, I absolutely love that stuff. Although I am booked out for months, Feel free to hit me up with you tattoo idea and if I can't get to you, I can point you to the perfect artist for the job. Not to brag, but to point it out;  I am also nationally and internationally  published over 30 publications and I am also an multiple award winning artist. I am sponsored by Turanium Tattoo Machines, Helios Tattoo needle cartridges, Guru Tattoo Care, Electrum Premium Stencil Primer and Panther Inks . All are superb products if you are an artist.


Jerry is not taking any new appointments at this time. All of 2020 is booked.

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Jerry pipkins

Tattoo done by artist Jerry Pipkins of Seventh Seal Tattoo Club, a tattoo shop in Panama City Florida