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How to get a tattoo, cosmetic tattoo, or piercing from us:

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Here we would like to take this moment to go through our process, so you know what to expect from beginning to end.

Being informed is often the best way to have an enjoyable experience and we want you to enjoy your visit with us.


Booking an appointment:

  1. The very first thing to do is to go through our artists' portfolios (portfolios). Select the artist that you like the most. Keep in mind that some of our artists are booked months out and some not so much. This can cause your appointment to be booked months out. 

  2. Go to our online form (online form). Take a moment to fill out our quick and easy form. Be sure to put in the artist that you chose. You can select “ANY ARTIST” if you want and we will select an artist that we feel is best for your particular tattoo. Finally, submit your form.

  3. Once you have submitted the form, we will forward it to the appropriate artist. We are very busy and because of that sometimes it can take three week or even longer to get back to you. However we do respond to most within 72 hrs. If we have not responded back to you within 72 hrs and you would like to speed things up, you can call us at (850-481-0463) and we can re-forward your submission to an artist that can get to you quicker. The artists that are booked up farther out than others may take a little longer to respond.

  4. The artist will either get all the info from you in an email from your submission or they will ask you to book a consultation. Consultations are absolutely the best and easiest way to get in with your artist. A consultation helps us make sure that you and the artist are on the same page and completely understand each other. If you are from out of town visiting on a certain date, the artist will do their best to get all the info from you via the emails. After that you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit and sign a deposit disclosure. (Read our deposit policies). After all this, all you need to do is remember to show up for your appointment. You will get an automatic text reminder 72 hrs before your appointment date.

  5. Now keep in mind, sometimes we have to reschedule appointments. Life gets in the way (funerals, health, and other issues we cannot control) . If this happens, we cannot help it and we extend our deepest apologies. All we ask is that you please bare with us if we have to reschedule you. We will do our best to make that process as painless as possible.

  6. When you come for your appointment, you will be professionally greeted. You will have a form to fill out here at the shop. An ID is required by law to tattoo or pierce anyone. NO ID, NO SERVICE, no exceptions. Sometimes an artist will have all the artwork ready and will start on you quickly. Sometimes the artists does the artwork while you are here to help eliminate redrawing multiple times and to be able to properly size to the body part on you. How an artist starts and how long it takes for an artist to start varies widely between artists. It can be immediately or it can be up to 3 hours to start. If it takes some time, please bare with us. Also, some factors can play into the start time taking long. The most obvious reason being that the previous tattoo and client took longer to do than expected for various reasons; but if the previous client takes longer to complete, we will notify you and the expected time line. A lot of the time stuff happens in a tattoo session that causes this. We do our best though to finish every tattoo promptly.

  7. After you have gotten your tattoo. Please follow our aftercare instructions. The artist will verbally tell you everything to do and our front desk should of given you an aftercare sheet. If you are still unsure, we have full aftercare instructions here online (tattoo aftercare) (piercing aftercare). After this all you have to do is wait for your tattoo heal. Some heal in 4 to 6 days and some can take up to 3 weeks. It all depends on you, your body, the tattoo and the amount of tattooing you have received.

  8. Sometimes a small touch up is needed but this is only roughly 5% of the time. If by chance you need one, please contact us and we will take care of that. Touch ups are free if done within a year from when the tattoo was done by the original artist. If a different artist or outside of a year mark, the artist may charge you for his or her time. Even touch ups need to be booked as an appointment. All the procedures above apply to book for a touch up. If you just happen to have your artists contact info, you can contact your artist directly.

  9. Please remember to go to Yelp, Google and Facebook and leave us a review. If you have had any issues with your visit with us, please give us a call at 850-481-0463. We will do everything in our power to fix the issue. We want everyone to enjoy their visit with us and to love the work we do for them.

  10. One last thing, we stay extremely booked up and backed up on emails and tattoos. Sometimes we have to pass on a tattoo. We just cannot get to everyone. We apologize in advance if we pass on your tattoo. We do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Especially if they get rude with us, We hate that. 







      We are primarily an appointment only shop, but can accept walk-ins on a case by case basis. We stay very busy and are usually booked out for about 2 weeks at a time. Our advice is to call us directly at 850-481-0463 to see if we are able to make room for a walk-in that day. If we do have room, you can book that slot if you reserve the time with a deposit. Deposits are non-refundable. We will do our best to accommodate our walk-in clients, but we cannot guarantee walk-in availability. Please call our office for same day availability.






      Most body piercings are on a walk-in basis, however you can book an appointment for them if you wish. To book an appointment for a piercing,

simply give us a call at 850-481-0463. Our body piercer does not work all day every day, so if you want to walk-in for a piercing we advise you to call us first to make sure our piercer will be here. You can also email the piercer directly at Please bear with him, it takes time for him to be able to answer the influx of emails we receive. If he does not respond to your email fast enough for you, just go ahead and give us a call.






     We have laws we have to follow and shop policies as well. This applies to anyone under the age of 18 for all services including tattoos, cosmetic makeup, microblading and body piercings. We absolutely will not touch a minor without these laws or polices being met to the fullest and we do not service anyone under the age of 16 at all. To lean all this involves go to our (UNDER 18) page. If you have any questions about this., the laws or our policies; please give us a call at 850-481-0463.






     For cosmetic makeup, scar pigmentation, stretch marks, nipple reconstruction, and microblading the process is very similar to all of the above mentioned. The form to submit for these artists is on the cosmetic page of our website (COSMETIC PAGE). You can fill out that quick and easy form and an artist or technician will contact you as soon as they can.






     We do have one set of polices that we strictly enforce. We do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We are all family, we love working with each other, and we love what we do. We want to make every part of your visit with us perfect and enjoyable. However, we will never do anything to deserve rude, mean, and demanding comments or actions towards us. If you come to us with unreasonable demands, meanness or rudeness, you can  go somewhere else. We do not deserve that kind of treatment from anyone. We are nice and professional to everyone and we expect the same courtesy from everyone as well. For a full list of all of our policies, go to our polices page. (POLICIES PAGE)




       In the end, we work to do our absolute best to make your experience with us  as enjoyable as possible. In order to achieve this, we believe that you should be informed on our policies and procedures so you know what to expect. Every tattoo shop out there does things a little differently than the next, and we hope that the way we do things is better than most others. We are not the average stick 'em and grind tattoo shop.  We are a very busy custom shop that does a lot of full sleeve and body tattoos. If you are expecting to just pop-in and us just throw some random tattoos on you, we may not be the shop for you. We want you to have an enjoyable experience and be a shop where you get beautiful tattoos because the artists really care about the artistry and quality of their work. Your finished tattoos  will reflect that care. We hope that you will keep coming to see us to meet your tattoo needs and feel at home with us. Our motto is “ let us make you family”. We are a family and we would love for you to become a part of our family.

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