We have some very special handmade jewelry in stock! These talisman are made of high quality raw and cut crystals and rare stones. All 100% hand made from the talisman to the leather pouches. Each one comes with a scroll outlining the talisman intentions and a written sheet of instructions for charging and care. These are real crystals, gems and stones and real silver. For prices, please hit us up or swing by the shop. These items will be up on our website by end of day.

Handmade by Lee Altonji


We are introducing these beautiful handcrafted pieces to you for 2/3 their true value and price. This $100 discount will be on these unique 10 pieces only. Once these 10 are gone and we restock them, the prices will go up to the full $300 price range. If you want to know more about them or see them in person, swing by the shop.



1. In the first image above is a picture showing all 10. each once has a LETTER next to it. Choose the letter for the talisman you would like to order in the selction on the order button.

Handmade Silver and jewel talisman

$300.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price
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