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Many times throughout the day we are asked, "What is required for a minor to get a tattoo or body piercing?".  The answer isn't so simple sometimes, so we are listing them in detail to help with this process. Any questions, please call us at 850-481-0463. Some of the statements below are State or Federal law and some are our policy. What they are will be marked.

1. No child can be tattooed under the age of 16 years old. 16 and up only.

2. No child under 18 will be pierced below the neck. 16 to 17 years old, facial and ear piercings only at our discretion. We will not pierce anyone under the age of 16.

3. Government issued photo I.D. of the minor child and all persons getting services by us. Drivers license, State ID, passports etc.

4. Government issued I.D. of the legal guardian that is giving parental consent. Drivers license, State ID, passports etc.


5. We cannot take or copy any Military I.D. for identification purposes, as per Federal Law.

Here is a link to that Federal Law >…/photocopying-military-cac-ids-a-viol…

6. Last names on both the legal guardians I.D. and the minor child's I.D. must match. If the last names do not match, it is up to you to prove that the person giving consent is really the legal guardian.

We are required by (LAW) to get consent by the legal guardian, this is part of how we prove the legal guardian is who they say they are. If the last names do not match, see #7.

7. If the last names do not match, we need legal court documents that show why the last names are different (i.e Divorce papers, adoption papers, custody papers etc.). We are required to visually prove that you are the legal guardian of that minor child.

8. A notarized consent form must be notarized by a legal Florida notary. Body piercings and Tattoo Forms are different from each other. You can pick up the form here in store or download it via these links >

    BODY PIERCINGS> Click here for the form. 

    TATTOOS> Click here for form.....

9. Birth certificate that shows the listed legal guardians name.

10. The legal guardian that filled out the paperwork must be the guardian present at the time of services.

11. We DO NOT have a notary on the premises, you will have to take the form to a bank or similar.


12. We reserve the right to refuse service to any one for any reason.
(This POLICY is our right)

13.  For info on getting a I.D. for a minor in Florida >

(POLICY & LAW) ID required.

If you have any other questions that are not covered here, please call us at 850-481-0463

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