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Our Health department requirements and sterile techniques.

We adhere to all "and beyond" applicable state laws and the Florida's Health Department rules and regulations. Below are our licensing numbers and info on our procedures.

Tattoo establishment #


Piercing establishment #


Bio medical waste permit #


1. We have passed all Florida Health Department inspections.

2. We use only pre-sterilized single use tattoo and piercing needles.

3. We use an autoclave on premises for the use of sterilizing tools only.

4. We maintain our log books for our autoclave, our shop, our procedures in accordance with Florida law.

5.All tattoo artists and body piercers are Blood Borne Pathogen certified.

6. All certificates are on the walls within our facility in an easily observable location.

7. We perform proper clean, sterile and sanitary techniques in our work areas when performing a tattoo or body piercing.

8. All of our artists and body piercers are licensed in accordance with local and state laws.

If you need this information to donate blood or for any medical reason, you can print from this page. Also you can look up our license numbers at

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