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Important information pertaining booking with us:

1. We are extremely busy. Even though we typically respond within 72 hours, It can take up to TWO WEEKS to hear back from an artist. On rarer occasions it can take longer than 3 weeks. We will only start our process through emails from this form. We will do our best to reply to you but we are backed up on emails currently and it may take longer. If your chosen artist feels that your tattoo idea is not for him or her, they will respectfully decline and suggest to you another artist here at Seventh Seal or they will pass it to another artist. If you do not hear from a artist, email us at TATTOOCLUBPC@GMAIL.COM or call 850-481-0463

2. Be sure to check your SPAM folder in your email, sometimes our replies get sent to spam.

3. We stay booked out from 3 weeks to 9 months (depending on the artist). we are "by appointment only" . We do walk-ins but on rare occasions. Call us to see if any artist is available for a walk in. 850-481-0463

4. Most of the time, we will book an in-person "free" consultation. This is so we can fully understands what it is that you are wanting, to be on the same page. Consultations can take 5 minutes or up to 30 minutes.

5. Tattoos sometimes are not done on the same day as the consultation.
6.Generally artwork or designs are done at times other than the consultation and is sent to you for review through email & text or may be done at the beginning of your first appointment. We will communicate with you which way we choose to go. We choose to do these steps either on my free time when we are not tattooing/busy or during the first hour of your appointment. We usually do this during your first appointment.

8. After you have spoken to or consulted with us, A Non-refundable deposit (again, it is NOT refundable)  will be required to book an appointment.
Read about our refund here.....

9. Submitting this form in no way guarantees we will accept your tattoo, sometimes we refuse tattoos or turn down tattoos for numerous reasons, the biggest one being we are extremely backed up and cannot tattoo everyone. We apologize in advance if we do not tattoo you. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 



We are open seven days a week from 12 noon to 8 pm. Some of our artists do tattoo earlier in the morning or past closing. If you have an appointment that is earlier or later than or opening time, it is not a mistake. Also we do not answer our phones outside of our operations times. If you need to reach out to someone outside of those times, contact that artist directly via email, social media or their cell if you have their cell #. We focus most of our inquiries here to our "make an appointment" form so we can reply to everyone as timely as we can. We do our best to reply to everyone within 72 hrs, however it can take up to three weeks or in rare circumstances even longer. Things are this way because we receive upwards of 100 emails or inquiries per month and sometimes per week. If we tattoo all day, getting to read and reply to that many emails is difficult and time consuming. We are backed up on emails. Please be patient with us. If you get rude with us, we will get rude back. Being mean will never be tolerated. 

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