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We have a strict NO REFUND policy on all TATTOOS, BODY PIERCINGS and DEPOSITS. You cannot give us our tattoo, time, or services back so we will not refund those services. There is no refund on deposits because we put time and effort in everything surrounding talking to you, making appointments, consultations etc. When a person does not show up or is more than 30 minutes late for an appointment or cancels, that person forfeits the deposit. If a person cancels their appointment, we will allow that person to transfer the deposit to someone else or put it on a gift card. Life does get in the way and sometimes we get sick, there may of been a miscommunication or we are late for work due to car trouble etc. If something happens, we may ask to reschedule. When you pay a deposit you agree to the fact that we sometimes may have to reschedule. Our no refund policy is posted on the wall in our shop, on the forms you fill out, on our receipts, here on our website and on many of our social sites. We will refund actual items of merchandise with a 20% restocking fee. A 72 hour notice is required in order to reschedule an appointment or you forfeit your deposit. You can only reschedule up to 3 times or you forfeit your deposit. What is a deposit? It is the amount of funds/money you put down toward your tattoo in order to make an appointment. Deposits are used to make sure we do not waste our time doing everything we do to prepare for your visit with us. The deposits do come out of the cost of your tattoo when you pay for your final session or sitting, deposits are not extra. Questions regarding our refund policy, call 850-481-0463

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